AirSpace opening

New! 23.08.08   The next exhibition at Hanley’s AirSpace Gallery is by local photographer Darren Washington and local writer Danny Hill, about the changes that the area around Stoke-on-Trent city centre is undergoing.

“Th’ bulldozers came last wayk; thee didna waste any tarme…
Now, ow ah can see from mar back yard is a sea of debris, red, black ‘n’ grey; and th’ tide stretches back as far as thayse tired owd eyes of marne can see fer. Pretty soon, ah suppose, ah’ll bay the eownly one arahind ‘ere that’s left…”

The launch of Tales From A Changing City is on 5th September 08, 7pm-9pm, and it seems like a good opportunity for networking and meeting others interested in art about local concerns. The show then runs until 12th September 08.


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