Age Concern Stafford

New! 04.11.08  
Age Concern Stafford is developing a singing project, which aims to offer people over 50 the chance to meet together, sing, and ultimately to write and perform their own material and work with musicians. To make this happen they’re looking for a small number of volunteer working musician from any kind of genre, such as: singer songwriters, a producer, or a classical instrumentalist, who would like the chance to develop skills in a new area. You’ll use your own skills to contribute to the group by researching and learning songs, playing instruments, contributing warm-up exercises, and by reminiscing and talking about music. At the end of the process you’ll contribute to what may become a technically complex and high-profile performance at the end of the process, involving collaboration with local schools. Induction and training take place on Wednesday 12th November 08 in Stafford. Subject to confirmation by the Music Practitioner and Age Concern you may then be asked to commit to a regular weekly session, starting on Wednesday 19th November from 11.30am – 1.30pm. (There will be a two-week break over Christmas). Some help with travel expenses will be available within the area.


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