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New! 06.05.09 Stoke-on-Trent’s AirSpace Gallery is hosting an artists’ talk by Ian Brown and Alex Pearl, as part of the “Trying to Cope with Things that Aren’t Human” exhibition at AirSpace. The talk will be on Saturday 9th May 09, at 2pm at the AirSpace Gallery. AirSpace writes…

“The show has been extended until the 9th of May, after great reviews in national, international and the art press. Notably the review in Art Monthly, just out.”

New! 06.05.09 Rebirth is a series of multi-artform events created to celebrate the transformation of the City General’s Maternity Hospital. A series of light-projection displays will lead up to the July launch at new Maternity Centre — a launch event that sounds like a good networking opportunity, especially for artists interested in health issues. Rebirth launch will also see launch of the documentary film and book, and will showcase artworks by local art students — sculpture, light-projections, paintings and installations for the new maternity centre. Both the book and DVD will be available for sale (any proceeds will go towards new art projects for the maternity centre). Watch for more details on Creative Stoke, nearer to July. More details from Rose Strang: rose.strang _at_

Celine Siani Djiakoua has images on her weblog, and a description of her work as part of Rebirth.

New! 06.05.09 Arts Council England’s “Artists Taking the Lead” project is seeking artists from Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire, who have ideas about how the West Midlands might be linked in to the 2012 London Olympics. 12 arts projects will be selected, one from each of the 12 regions.

New! 06.05.09 Added to the directory: Nicola Jane Hulme is a specialist tile designer/maker working from Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent.

[ image ]


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