And even more…

A few more stragglers added today…

New! 20.08.09    
The ‘Art in Empty Spaces’ initiative, aiming to find innovative and creative ways to re-use empty High Street shops, is now accepting applications. Stoke-on-Trent has £52,000 to spend on the initiative.

New! 20.08.09     Birmingham-based First Light provides grants to groups of young people to produce short digital films. Several strands of their Youth Film Fund will be open for applications from 24th August 09.

New! 20.08.09     The Mix Mediabox scheme offers funding to community organisations, offering between £5,000 – £20,000 for youth-led (13-19 year olds) media production projects promoting community cohesion. Mix Mediabox opened for applications on 10th August 09.

New! 20.08.09     Derby Hospitals Foundation Trust is now seeking statements-of-interest from contemporary visual artists who would like to exhibit, sell and/or tender for commissions. There is no deadline to statements-of-interest; however, many departments are keen at summer 09 to start their arts enhancement programs as soon as possible. More information from: Juliet Cooper, Arts Coordinator at

New! 20.08.09    
Digital Mentors is a two-year nationwide programme to 2011, funding community-based digital media production projects in troubled areas of England such as Stoke-on-Trent. There will be one grant of up to £61,000, and 40 x £500 grants. More details at the website.

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