Additions to Creative Stoke, 8th September 2009

New! 08.09.09     Do you attend a Staffordshire secondary school, and have you recently made a film at school? The Staffordshire School Awards for Film (PDF link) is seeking the best such film, one that shows strong links to your school curriculum. Deadline: 30th October 2009, accompanied by the entry form and supporting evidence. See the PDF file for more information.

New! 08.09.09    
People Express are seeking an experienced children’s storyteller to work in nearby rural South Derbyshire. You’ll be able to develop your own stories and work with other artists. The project will be delivered between September 2009 and February 2010. The fee is £3,000 to work with three groups. Deadline: 18th September 2009. More details from:

New! 08.09.09     The Birmingham-based Craftspace organisation is running a women-only scheme which aims to develop a craft-based social enterprise in the West Midlands. Taster sessions will be held during October, November and December 2009, to select the core group, and will… “explore the theme of migrants travelling from their country of origin to a new community and the establishment of new roots”. There will be a joint exhibition of the work developed during the taster sessions. Interested? You’ll need to be able to commit to five days @ £200 per day plus materials. With 3.5 days of taster sessions, and the remaining days used for planning and evaluation. Application deadline: 18th September 2009. More details from Sue Hope, Craft Social Enterprise Manager at:

New! 07.09.09    
Creative Stoke has learned that Crewe’s new £10m Contemporary Arts Centre, at the new Crewe Campus of MMU, will open in October 2009. It replaces the Axis Theatre and similar facilities (1969-2009) at Alsager. Around 800 students and staff from the MMU’s Contemporary Arts Department will also move from the Alsager campus to the new £70m Crewe campus in September 2009.

New! 07.09.09    
Those interested in the role of film and media in contributing to a sense-of-place in the Midlands and North may be interested in the conference Projecting the Regions: People, Identity and Place. It will be held on 17th September 2009 at Manchester Metropolitan University. This one-day multi-disciplinary conference aims to provide… “a rich exploration of the relationships between place identities and the still and moving image”. More information at the conference website.


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