Additions to Creative Stoke, 16th October 2009

Additions to Creative Stoke, 16th October 2009:—

New! 16.10.09   
All the external web links in Creative Stoke’s Directory have been checked for viability, using an automated service. Broken links have been either deleted, or found again and repaired. The Support Services page has been checked and repaired by hand.

New! 16.10.09    
Job:  Staffordshire Moorlands Council is seeking a firm to produce a pilot advertising-bearing Council community magazine in November 2009. The Council requires a managed service contract with a single point of contact, for the three stages in the production, distribution and advertising sales administration. This initial quotation is for the production of a pilot issue in November 2009. Application deadline: 21st October 2009. See the web page for more information, or email:

New! 16.10.09    
Job:  Stoke-on-Trent’s Stoke Your Fires: festival of animation (Feb 2010) is offering an opportunity to design and make the eight awards/prizes for the 2010 Stoke Your Fires Awards. Fee: £1,000, to include all expenses. Deadline: 13th November 2009. Further information is available from Katie at:

In 2010, the Festival will be set within a month of community animation activities such as a display at the Potteries museum, drop-in children’s workshops during half-term, special screenings of animation in the Forum theatre, and outreach animation workshops in schools and for community groups.

New! 16.10.09    
Added to the Events list:  Do you use virtual worlds in further or higher education? Would you like to? A one-day Virtual Worlds In Education Forum is happening at Staffordshire University (Stafford Campus) on 2nd December 2009, 9.30am to 3.30pm. This JISC RSC event is open to people from across all post-16 education sectors in the West Midlands. Deadline for bookings: 25th November 2009.


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