Additions to Creative Stoke, 19th October 2009

New! 19.10.09   
Do you have a new project idea about how to creatively use or reclaim a local “natural asset”? Perhaps an annual programme for a sculpture trail, with land art training summer schools? Or enhancing a natural ampitheatre so it can be regularly used for outdoor storytelling and performance? How about a beautiful and immense willow-maze threading through otherwise impenetrable neglected woodland, as a first step towards reclamation by the community?

Advantage West Midlands and Natural England have launched a £2 million Natural Assets funding scheme, aiming to stimulate the use of the best of our natural environment in economic development and regeneration. Grant awards will range between £35,000 and £250,000. Current applications deadline: 6th November 2009. For more information on grants see the above web link — or contact Ruth Metcalfe, Grants Advisor at Natural England, at:

New! 19.10.09  
  The Staffordshire Community Foundation are managing the county’s 2009/10 Comic Relief grants scheme. Grants are on offer, at between £1,000 and £10,000. Projects applying for a Comic Relief grant should: increase local services; build the skills of the local people; increase community cohesion; and respond to local economic needs. The application deadline has been extended and is now: 3rd December 2009.

New! 19.10.09  
  Added to the Directory:  A fine new website for talented illustration graduate Emma Ridgway. Emma has recently returned to Staffordshire after completing her degree at Falmouth.

Emma Ridgway: Bob Dylan.

Emma also has an active weblog, showing her most recent work…

Emma Ridgway: Self-portrait in calligraphy, Sept 2009.


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