Added to Creative Stoke, 7th November 2009

New! 07.11.09    
In the south of the West Midlands, the Hereford Photography Festival is now calling for applications for its programme of “Common Land” creative commissions. The three commisions available are themed as: “Sport Play & Creativity” (CL03) to be based around young people who meet and play in public spaces; “Hereford Cattle” (CL04) to work with modern farming communities as well as engaging with archive material; and “Hereford Bulls” Football Club (CL01) to work with young local football fans as well as engaging with archive material from Hereford United Football Club. Application deadline: 19th November 2009. Full briefs and application details from Jaime Jackson at Hereford Photography Festival:

New! 07.11.09    
The Light House in nearby Wolverhampton is running a Post Production for High Definition workshop on 16th – 17th November 2009. The two-day workshop will examine the advanced techniques required for HD video production, using Final Cut Pro and Avid HD editing suites, examining issues of colour correction, the various HD tape formats, and how working with HD can effect editing styles. The workshop costs £105 + VAT and includes lunch. The workshop is open only to applicants who have some professional experience of working in the film & TV industry. The application deadline for this course is 13th November. Interested? Contact Kelly Jeffs at:

New! 07.11.09    
The Charity Commission has launched a new, simplified “model constitution” for charities with an income under £5,000. The constitution is specifically designed for charities which expect to stay small — it is not meant for charities that own a building, employ people or intend to register with the Charity Commission. Small groups which are not charities are being invited to use this model constitution, though they would not be covered by charity law.

New! 06.11.09    
Jobs:  Staffordshire’s Partners in Creative Learning (PiCL) has another three new opportunities at local schools:—

   1) Burnwood Community Primary School — located in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent — are seeking Multimedia Artists, Musicians/Bands for their Year 2 – Year 5 Project Work on “Creative Wheels in Motion”. There is a budget of £8,000 available for the Spring/Summer Terms 2010. Application Deadline: 12 noon on 19th November 2009. For a full brief please email Sharon Ayres at:

   2) Paget High School — located in nearby Burton-on-Trent — is seeing Creative Practitioners in Textiles who help answer their question: “can we develop creative teaching and learning methods to inspire and enthuse Key Stage 3 students to produce innovative, sustainable and desirable products using textiles technology?” Working alongside staff, you will be involved in innovative classroom based work in order to raise the profile of textiles and to increase student engagement. There is a budget of £4,000 available. Deadline for applications: 18th November 2009. For a full brief please email Andrew Herbert:

   3) Perton Sandown First School — located a few miles west of Wolverhampton — is seeking a Creative Practitioner to work with 32 x Year 2 children around cultural learning about Africa. “You may be a specialist in African culture, or you could be skilled in delivering and exploring many cultures and the wider world through your Practice.” Application deadline: 1pm on 20th November 2009. Budget: £4,000. For a full project brief please contact Andrew Fox (Creative Agent) on: 07870 656488.

New! 06.11.09    
It’s short notice, but local volunteers are required by Guerrilla Lighting for a… “professionally designed architectural lighting” project in Burslem & Middleport on the evening of 19th November 2009. Interested? More information from:

New! 03.11.09    
Readers may be interested in Culture 24‘s full report on the winners of the Ceramics Biennial Awards in Stoke-on-Trent.

New! 03.11.09    
Readers may be interested in yesterday’s New York Times article on the ceramics designer Margarete Heymann who worked in the Potteries during the 1930s.


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