Added to Creative Stoke, 23rd November 2009

New! 23.11.09    Stage Productions are calling for people to audition for the musical The King & I at The Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent (March 2010). The King & I principal auditions took place on Sunday 22nd November 2009 for Dancers and Company (excluding Children). Sunday 29th November is the audition day for Children and Principal Casting recalls. This is an Open Audition. Details of the audition process will be emailed following registration. Interested? Fill in the online application form.

New! 23.11.09    Jobs:  Staffordshire’s Partners in Creative Learning (PiCL) has another three new opportunities at local schools:—

   1) Cooper Perry Primary School — located in Seighford, Staffordshire —requires a Skilled Radio Practitioner to explore the topic area of “Stafford Then and Now” Working with our year 3 and 4’s, the school would like to research areas such as Memories of Stafford, Life in Elizabethan Stafford, World War Two in this area, and local place names. They would like to do this through the medium of radio interviews, and possibly radio drama shows written and performed by the pupils. The school has a 12-track Spirit Folio Mixing desk, a separate performance room with viewing window, six professional microphones, radio microphones, an Alesis Micro Verb FX processor, and Denon separate recorders – MP3, Mini Disc, C.D and cassette, power amplifiers. A speaker/broadcast system linked to every room and corridor in the school. Budget: £4,000. Deadline: 18th December 2009. Full details from Emma Wynne: For an informal discussion on the project please telephone Andrew Fox (Creative Agent) on 07870 656488.

   2) Christ Church Church of England Primary School — located in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent — is looking for Two Creative Partners to help investigate the question: “Could giving all members of the school community experience of a range of outdoor learning environments, inspire their investigations and enquiries, make them more engaged, confident, motivated and therefore successful learners?” They are particularly interested in receiving applications from creative partners with experience of outdoor learning and also practitioners specialising in practical, experience-based drama. There is a budget of up to £12,000 for project work. The project will run from Jan – June 2009 and will be devised and delivered with both staff and pupils across the whole school. Application deadline: 25th November 2009. Full details and brief from either: or

   3) Paget High School — located in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire — would like to work with a Textiles Practitioner on the enquiry question: “How can we develop creative teaching and learning methods to inspire and enthuse KS3 students to produce innovative, sustainable and desirable products using textiles technology?” Budget: £4,000. Deadline: 18th November 2009. For a full brief / informal discussion please contact: Mike Barker (Creative Co-ordinator) at -or- Andrew Herbert (Creative Agent) at

New! 22.11.09    
Congratulations to David Burgess of Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, who’s launched a fine-looking website for his new children’s book Waldo the Worm

New! 22.11.09    
The organisers of the Advantage Proof of Concept Fund are to stop inviting new ideas — six months earlier than originally planned — after being inundated with inquiries from Staffordshire. The £5.8 million Fund — which helps small firms to develop innovative new products and ideas — was featured on Creative Stoke’s “What’s New?” page on 15.08.09.

New! 22.11.09    The new Artist to Artist 2010 programme aims to bring together artists to initiate dialogues with artists from the Middle East area, enabling pairs of artists to enter into
new working relationships on an open-ended and informal basis. Professional, practising UK-based artists can apply to invite an artist of their choice to visit the UK. The selected overseas artist will spend two weeks in the UK between 8th – 21st March 2010 (fixed). The emphasis is on the development and research process, rather than creative production. Application deadline: 5th December 2009. Please contact Adam Knights for application forms and further details about the scheme, at:

New! 22.11.09    Jobs:  Creative Health CIC is offering the following work opportunities in Staffordshire. The application deadlines are both: 27th November 2009.

   1) Creative Remedies. Creative Health CIC require an enthusiastic and creative person to generate discussion and debate around arts and health in Staffordshire, to encourage information sharing, share case studies and best practice, and increase the sense of an arts and health community via the Creative Remedies website. The total fee is £2,220 — which includes £250 to cover student fees for the Artist Professional Development Programme.

   2.  Sub-Regional Arts & Health Strategy. Creative Health wish to appoint a development worker to assist in developing a new sub-regional arts and health strategy for Staffordshire County Council. The total fee is £3,120 — which includes £250 to cover student fees for the Artist Professional Development Programme.

Interested? Please send Creative Health your C.V. and a short statement saying which one you are interested in, why you would be suitable, and the amount of time you would be willing to commit. Send this to:

New! 18.11.09    
Added to the Directory: Letting in the Light, a Newcastle-under-Lyme based community arts group, with a particular interest in working with groups and communities that don’t often have a voice.

Letting in the Light banners project. Unknown photographer.


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