Added to Creative Stoke, 15th December 2009

New! 15.12.09    
A new £8 million early-stage equity fund, the Early Advantage fund, was announced yesterday by regional development agency Advantage West Midlands. It will provide another much-needed source of investment finance for local small and medium firms. The fund can make an initial investment of up to £125,000, generally matched by a private sector investor, or investors providing at least the same amount — resulting in up to £250,000 of investment into the business. The fund can invest up to a further £125,000 in subsequent funding rounds (again, this must be matched by the private sector). The Early Advantage fund is now looking for West Midlands investment opportunities which meet the following criteria:

* early-stage SMEs, with or without revenues
* high-growth companies (potential to return a multiple of the investment in 3-7 years)
* SMEs interested in raising investment of up to £500,000

Interested? Contact the fund managers, Midven Limited.

New! 15.12.09    
Job:   Youth Dance England is offering a two-year contract at a £21,000 salary (pro rata), requiring just one day’s work per week as the Youth Dance England Contact for the city of Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire county, based at the Victoria Hall in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. You will… “ideally have a dance/arts degree, understand how computers work and can work efficiently independently”. Deadline for applications: 4th January 2010. Full details from:

New! 15.12.09     Job:  Staffordshire University require a permanent Senior Lecturer in Fine Art (0.6) (Ref: AMD09/4). You’ll be an excellent teacher with a postgraduate qualification, have a strong record of academic research, and also be a successful practicing artist. Application deadline: 4th January 2010. See the web page for more details.

New! 15.12.09     Added to the Directory:  Secondnature, based in Congleton, create metal laser-cut sculptures and wall plaques.

New! 15.12.09    
Volunteer posts:  West Midlands-based Arts Council -funded arts group Talking Birds are offering recent graduates an opportunity to work on their new theatre show. They have four graduate placements, in 2 week slots, between 11th Jan and 12th Feb 2010. Successful applicants will work as Production Assistants on a Talking Birds/Foursight Theatre co-production “Forever In Your Debt”, which is being rehearsed at Warwick Arts Centre (located on the outskirts of Coventry) before going out on a national tour of medium-sized theatre venues. Interested? Email:

New! 15.12.09    
Job:  Derby Feste is an annual arts festival in nearby Derby. The festival organisers wish to appoint a Branding Expert to undertake a brand development exercise. A comprehensive brand needs to be created for Derby Feste which informs both visual identity and organisational direction. Few clear ongoing messages are currently in place. You’ll undertake consultation which will allow you to understand the festival through the eyes of key staff, local stakeholders, and audience members. You’ll create a “brand bible” and logos and typefaces, a process to be managed in partnership with the marketing group and steering group. This needs too be complete by February 2010 at the latest. Total budget: £3,500 to £5,000. Deadline for applications: 6th January 2010. Full details from Adam Buss at:

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