Two more opportunities added today

New! 04.02.10    Would you like help to employ a graduate for a four-week paid work placement? A new Graduate Advantage scheme gives your firm a graduate bursary of £800, paid through the local University, to which you would add £200. The business would then need to run the graduate through your payroll, at £250 per week for four weeks. At the end of the placement, there will be the possibility of converting to an unpaid internship through the West Midlands Graduate Internship scheme. The scheme is also available to public sector organisations &mdash the organisation would receive a bursary of £400, and would contribute £600. More information about local opportunities on this scheme can be had from:

New! 04.02.10    
Added to the Events listing: The Producers Forum is to hold a New Producer Training afternoon at Staffordshire University (Stoke Campus), on Monday 22nd February 2010 from 2pm until 5pm. This free event for local filmmakers will look at…

“the reality of working in the film industry, from four of the region’s most experienced producers who will talk about their career as film and television producers and they will be on hand to answer your questions.”

You can sign up for this free event using this form.


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