Added to Creative Stoke, 4th March 2010

New! 04.03.10    
Shropshire’s Pandora’s Box 2010 is seeking alternative cabaret/vaudevillian acts for their monthly parlour night at the Albert and Pearl. Your act needs to have a shade of the dark / macabre in it, but can be from any discipline. It needs to be less than 15 minutes and use as little props/lighting as possible. They will also be starting a regular Tuesday night at “another exciting venue” in April 2010. Expenses / basic remuneration will be paid – details on application. Next shows are on 1st April and 6th May 2010, starting at 8pm. More details from:

New! 03.03.10    
Added to the Directory: Choose Industry, based in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

New! 03.03.10    
Stoke-on-Trent solicitors Beswicks are kindly sponsoring a competition for wildlife and landscape photographers. Categories include: Lure of the Landscape; Wonders of Wildlife; Environmentally Friendly; and On the Water. Prizes include a four-day photography holiday, and a half day with The Sentinel newspaper’s photographers. Deadline: 1st June 2010. See the website for more details.


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