Added to Creative Stoke, 8th March 2010

New! 08.03.10    
Job:  Following some recent criticism, Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s Press and Communications Department now needs a new Chief Press Officer.

New! 08.03.10    
The British Library and Chartered Management Institute (CMI) are running a competition for the best management books, after a survey showed just five percent of British managers are using such books when they have work problems or need to plan ahead. The competition offers a £5,000 cash prize, and is open to individual authors, publishers or agents. Full details at the Management Book of the Year website. Readers can also nominate books by emailing:

New! 08.03.10    
Added to the Directory: Bromley&Stone is a full-service marketing agency based in Stafford.

New! 07.03.10    
Local autism and aspergers campaigner and author Kevin Healey is looking for a film director who might consider his autobiography, Twin Brothers, Worlds Apart, as a potential feature film — from which proceeds would go to Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society. For more information please contact the charity at:  or phone 01782 617088.


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