Added to Creative Stoke, 9th March 2010

New! 09.03.10    
Added to the Directory: The Hindu Cultural Society, Staffordshire. The Society also appears to draw membership from Cheshire.

New! 09.03.10    
Added to the Events list:  Staffordshire University has a free public lecture on cultural masterplans for cities. Architect Dan Dubowitz will give the talk “Cultural masterplanning: the remaking of cities” on 29th April 2010 (7.30pm) at the Ashley Lecture Theatre LT1, on the Stoke-on-Trent campus of Staffordshire University. More information from:

New! 09.03.10    
Youth Music’s Open Programme of grants is now open for applications. Grants of between £5,000 and £30,000 are available. Deadlines for the 2010 programme are: 10th May 2010; 10th September 2010; 10th December 2010. Given the likelihood of swift post-election funding cuts to the arts, the 10th May deadline might be the best one to aim for?

New! 09.03.10    
Added to the Events list:   PiCL‘s Enquiry School Programme supports schools who want to explore creative approaches to learning. They are now seeking thirty-one schools across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire to be part of this programme in the 2010/11 school year. A breifing event will be held on 16th March 2010, from 4.30pm – 6.30pm, at PiCL HQ, 14a King Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

New! 09.03.10    
Artist Miriam Burke is offering a number of drop-in participatory workshops in drawing ancient rocks (6th & 7th April 2010, 11am – 4pm) at Newcastle Borough Museum & Art Gallery, to accompany her new exhibition which launches on Saturday 13th March 2010 at 2pm – 4pm. “Know this Place for the First Time” is a sci-art exhibition arising from Miriam’s work with the glacier scientists at Keele University. The show is inspired by the local landscape of North Staffordshire — and its intriguing geological history when under the Ice Age snow, ice and glaciers of 18,000 years ago. There is also an accompanying show, “Inspirational Landscapes”, which considers the ways in which our contemporary landscape has been an inspiration to both artists and scientists.

In Miriam Burke’s Albedo project, wax-casts of visitors’ fingertips were placed around the venue, as if they were tiny ice-flowers.

New! 09.03.10    
An experienced guitarist based in Stoke-on-Trent is seeking

“any available studio work, anything from demos to full albums. Comfortable with a fair range of styles. No gigging work please as — after 150-odd gigs over 18 years — I’m now looking to gain more studio experience.”


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