Added to Creative Stoke, 12th March 2010

New! 12.03.10    
Those interested in the cultural implications of affordable rural broadband might like to know about the one-day conference Connecting Rural Communities in the Digital Age (PDF link) happening on 16th March 2010 at the Staffordshire County Showground.

New! 12.03.10    
Job:  the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme, are seeking an Outreach Technical & Project Manager to join the outreach department ‘New Vic Borderlines’. £19,500 per year, 40 hours per week. Application deadline: 6th April 2010. For an application pack email:

New! 12.03.10    
Ahead of the General Election and possible heavy funding cuts to the arts, The Crafts Council has just launched a new website called Crafts Matter. It seems rather late now to affect decisions that have probably already been made — but the website aims to demonstrate what craft activities mean in people’s lives, and to provide a visual representation of the “Crafts Matter” pledge signatories.

New! 12.03.10    
In the face of likely funding cuts to the arts, Arts & Business is undertaking a programme of research and activity into how the use of social media might offer new opportunities for income generation from business sponsors. They are looking for “good practice” examples of arts organisations using social media, and online businesses which are in strong cultural-commercial partnerships. For more information and to get involved, please contact Joanne South at:

New! 12.03.10    
Clowne Junior School in North East Derbyshire is seeking an artist to work with Year 5 on a collaborative Culture Week project in the week beginning 28th June 2010. This will focus on South America. Interested? More details from:

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