Added to Creative Stoke, 25th May 2010

New! 25.05.10    
The UK’s Skillset Creative Media Workforce Survey 2010 is now open for online completion…

“Whether you are an employer, an employee or a freelancer, what you tell us about your skills needs, experience of training and recruitment, future plans and working patterns will help us produce the most comprehensive profile of working life in the UK’s creative media industries. The results of the surveys will directly and quickly shape all our work, including future training support, pin-pointing skills gaps and what more we can do to make sure our industries maintain their world-class position.”

New! 25.05.10    
Job: The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery requires a full-time Assistant Collections Officer (Zoology) (ref: 000560). It’s a temporary post until 31st March 2011. A certain amount of creative stagecraft (dramatic lighting, set-dressing, posing of animals, graphic design of interpretation boards, etc) seems inherent in the job, which is why it’s being listing on Creative Stoke.

New! 25.05.10    
“If Wards Could Talk”, is a new Heritage Lottery Fund history project, recording memories of Stoke-on-Trent’s hospital over the last 50 years. It will be launched at the Medical Institute, Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent on 27th May 2010 at 12.30pm. The organisers aim to collect stories through oral history interviews and life story “surgeries”. These will be used to create displays, a documentary film, a book, and an exhibition. The launch event offers a chance to learn how the project will work and how to take part.

New! 25.05.10    
Manor High Foundation School – located in Wednesbury in the Black Country – requires a New Media and/or Film Practitioner to work with a group of approximately thirty children (year 7/8) who have… “a mixed record of attending and engaging with school”. The aim is to develop an approach that will re-engage the children with learning. Most of the contact time will be in the autumn term. The project budget is up to £2,500. Deadline 9th June 2010. Full deatails from Iris Bertz, Creative Agent at:

New! 25.05.10    
“Pits, Pots in Pics” will be a visual exhibition held in Burslem’s Old Post Office, showing work that documents the local area. The organisers are looking for visual artists who… “have a passion for revealing the beauty that is around us”. The exhibition will run from 18th June until the 18th July 2010. Each artist will be required to pay £20 towards the administration and marketing of the event. The gallery will take 50% commission from any work that is sold. Insurance of the work should be covered by the artist. Artists are responsible for the delivery and collection of all pieces. Deadline: 1st June 2010. Full details from:

New! 25.05.10    
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has launched this year’s animation competition. They want you to create…

“a pre-roll animation, to play before some of the videos on our site that shows the best of humanity and promotes the positive relationship between people and animals. Animals in your animation must be acting naturally, you shouldn’t dress them in clothes or portray them dancing. Your animation should be in keeping with our values and promote what we do; it should appeal to a broad audience.”

“Pre-roll” seems to be trendy new TV insider-jargon for a TV channel’s animated logo (the one that gets inserted just before a programme starts). It used to be called an “ident”. Deadline: 4th September 2010. There’s no entry fee, and it seems to welcome entrants from around the world.


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