Added to Creative Stoke, 21st June 2010

New! 21.06.10    
Visit Stoke is inviting anyone with a mug or a teacup, which carries the world-famous Stoke-on-Trent “back-stamp”, to enter a photo competition. Just show yourself drinking tea from your cup/mug, in any unusual situation. Deadline: 30th September 2010. Prizes include: a VIP trip to Alton Towers; a Wedgwood tea service set; a new video camera, and a weekend break in Stoke. Full details at the website.

New! 21.06.10    
Added to the Directory: Dan Matthews Photography.

From Dan’s series of local black and white panoramas.

New! 21.06.10    
Added to the Directory: Jess Leeson-Kemp photography.

From Jess’s current series of portraits of people effected by strokes.

New! 21.06.10    
Rachel Gilbert has been running an after-school and school holiday drama club in Stoke-on-Trent, since 2007. Rachel has just launched a brand-new website for the project. The Action Project allows students (aged between 5-16) to study all types of drama and acting, such as Greek Chorus work, Shakespeare, dances and songs, and contemporary plays/musicals. Classes are mixed, and the idea is for it not to feel like school. Interested? Please look at the new website or contact Rachel Gilbert at:

New! 21.06.10    
Local historians, authors and book publishers may be interested in the Staffordshire Heritage Group‘s 4th Staffordshire History Fair, which is set to happen on Saturday 18th September 2010 (10am to 4pm). More details at the website.


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