Added to Creative Stoke, 1st July 2010

New! 01.07.10    
An urgent call today from Arts & Business. Application deadline, today!

“Arts & Business in association with the National Campaign for the Arts (NCA) are creating a Culture Forum, to serve as a democratically-elected arts group with a direct line to Government – looking at issues such as increasing the contribution from the private sector, reducing the impact of arts cuts, creating innovative funding models and delivering increased cultural philanthropy. If you would like to be part of the Government’s debate on the economy and are a director, development director or trustee of an arts or cultural institution in England and a member of either Arts & Business or the NCA, then stand for candidacy. 20 posts are available, with 5 representatives each from small, medium, large and major organisations. Due to the urgency of these issues and the Chancellor’s call for input, the deadline to put your name forward by is Thursday 1st July 2010.”

New! 01.07.10    
Job:  Walsall Manor Hospital requires people who can introduce arts activities into the hospital. The Create! project offers patients and visitors opportunities to participate in creative activities. You’ll work for a minimum of a 2 hour shift, once a week, for a minimum 10 week period. Full information from:

New! 01.07.10    
Job:  The University of Derby require a Senior Lecturer in Film & Video Production (ref: BA00009). Application deadline: 8th July 2010. Full details at: the University’s jobs page.

New! 01.07.10    
Burslem-based Richard Pekar, founder of the North Staffordshire Hungarian Association, has made a film of his father’s heroic escape from the horrors of socialism. In 1957 his father crawled through miles of frozen mud, barbed wire and land mines to escape, and eventually settled in Stoke-on-Trent. The Last Train to Budapest was made for £10,000, with a £6,000 National Lottery grant. It’s accompanied by the book Hungarian Blood. The film will be shown at Staffordshire University Film Theatre in August 2010. There are plans for a DVD release.


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