Added to Creative Stoke, 7th July 2010

New! 07.07.10    
The Friends of Stafford Castle have a new challenge to “Capture the Castle” in photography. Make a picture of the town’s most iconic landmark, which fits the theme “The magic of Stafford Castle in 2010″ as part of a new drive to raise awareness of the Castle in the town and across Staffordshire. Unfortunately they can’t first preview digital images, and thus save entrants some money. Entrants are asked to submit a maximum of three chemical prints at either 9″ x 6″ or 8″ x 6”, via the official entry form at Deadline: 30th October 2010.

New! 07.07.10    
Added to the Directory:  Defy Gravity is a dance studio based in Tunstall, offering a variety of classes in different dance forms.

New! 07.07.10    
Congratulations to Jon Braley of Leek, who has made the No.2 slot for the long-list for the John Moores 2010. His work can been seen at the Sesame Gallery in London, until 24th July 2010.

New! 07.07.10    
Getting British Business Online is a new project to create web pages for for 100,000 more British businesses by the end of 2010. Google, BT, Paypal, and the Institute of Directors are all partners in the project. Registered businesses will be provided with a free “” web address, a simple interface to create their information pages within 20 minutes, and a Paypal account.

New! 07.07.10    
Newcastle-under-Lyme’s B arts is running a Barefoot Doctors Summer School from the 24th to 26th August 2010. The School will provide free practical workshops to develop your creative skills. Places are limited. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Full details and a booking form from:

New! 07.07.10    
Process.arts has a large slideshow of the creation of a series of sculptural cartoon characters, being created in London for exhibition in Stoke-on-Trent. They look as though they’re inspired by the May un Mar Lady comic strip in the Sentinel

New! 07.07.10    
Dovedale, in the nearby Peak District, now has the programme online for its September arts festival. Featuring talks by Stoke-on-Trent’s Matthew Rice (Emma Bridgewater designer); poet Christopher Reid; and Helena Newman the Vice Chairman of Sotheby’s, among others.


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