Added to Creative Stoke, 29th July 2010

New! 29.07.10    
The Light House media centre in nearby Wolverhampton is holding an ‘Introduction to Lighting Techniques for Video & Photography’ on Friday 13th August 2010, 10am to 4pm. This is an introductory course and costs £45 + VAT. More information from:

And on the subject of lighting, don’t forget that The Crewe Lyceum Theatre is offering one-day professional stagecraft workshops this summer — including Basic Lighting (9th-10th August) and Intermediate Lighting (12th-13th August) from £10 per workshop. For more details please phone: 01270 537333.

New! 29.07.10    
Conjunction 2010 is a contemporary arts biennial show in Stoke-on-Trent, and this year it will run from 15th October to the end of November 2010. Participating artists will be asked to create work interpreting “Escape”…

“Often film-making and literary fiction are offered as a way of escaping the everyday, and particularly during bad times. It is often a dichotomy that this escapism also prevents us from dealing with the issues that need to be addressed (that, in a sense, have created the conditions for the need to escape). Escapism in such forms allows us to not only escape from our thoughts and concerns but also to remove ourselves geographically from our immediate environment or location.”

There will be a number of artists’ commissions, subject to the success of funding applications. The Conjunction organisers are now looking for artists, working in any media, to offer their proposals for three or four paid commissions. The budget for each commission is hoped to be between £250 to £1,000.

There should also be a commission opportunity for performance artists, or those whose work has an element of ‘live art’. Again, the budget for this should be between £250 to £1,000, subject to funding applications.

The deadline for all proposals is: 31st August 2010. Please email:  for a full brief and an application form.

New! 29.07.10    
Mobile phone company Vodafone — which has recently completed a major new training centre on Festival Park in Stoke-on-Trent — is offering around £125,000 to mobile start-up firms. Its Mobile Clicks competition is seeking the best mobile startup – even if it hasn’t actually started up just yet. The competition will be judged on economic and financial viability, the quality of the management team and the functionality offered to end users — this is about companies rather than applications, even if the latter drives the former.

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