Added to Creative Stoke, 2nd August 2010

New! 02.08.10    
Creative Stoke will now be taking a customary August break. See you in September 2010!

New! 02.08.10    
Creative Stoke has a new long interview with local film-maker Richard Pekar. Richard is the founder of the North Staffordshire Hungarian Association, and has just made a Lottery-funded film of his father’s heroic escape from the horrors of socialism. In 1957 his father Nandor Pekar crawled through miles of frozen mud, barbed wire and land mines to escape — and eventually settled in Stoke-on-Trent. The Last Train to Budapest was made for £10,000, with a £6,000 National Lottery grant. The film is based on the book Hungarian Blood, and will be shown at Staffordshire University Film Theatre in August or September 2010. There are also plans for a DVD release.

New! 02.08.10    
Your editor has a fun little summer competition for comic-book artists/writers. Prizes include a full licence for the real-time animation software iClone 4 Pro, worth £180. I recently won the licence in an animation competition — but I don’t need it as I already own the software. To enter simply download the free version of iClone, play around with it and make some still images, then assemble them into a short comic. Full details are available here.

New! 02.08.10    
The Light House media centre in nearby Wolverhampton is holding several summer short courses. Those not yet mentioned on Creative Stoke include: Introduction to High Definition; Lighting Techniques for High Definition; and Introduction to Animation. Courses cost £45 plus VAT. More information from:

New! 02.08.10    restoke is a collective of three artists: a dance artist; a visual artist; and a musician. restoke has recently received Arts Council and local authority funding to commence their May 2011 project re:claim, a participatory performance at the old Spode factory site (next to SHOP) in the heart of Stoke old town. For more information please visit the restoke website, or get in touch by emailing:

New! 02.08.10    
A new report by the left-wing Institute for Public Policy Research think-tank and Internocracy says that employers are “almost certainly” breaking the law when they take on unpaid interns. More details in the free report.

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