Added to Creative Stoke, 27th August 2010

New! 27.08.10    
Interested in organising artistic collaborations between the UK and Europe? European Collaboration Grants are available from The European Cultural Foundation to fund… “transnational, cross-sectoral activities by independent cultural and artistic organisations working together or with independent organisations from other sectors.” Deadline: 6th September 2010. Application forms at the EuroCult website.

New! 27.08.10    
Jobs:  Stoke-on-Trent City Centre Management team is inviting applications from professional community arts groups and artists to undertake several children’s lantern and costume commissions. These will be part of the Light Night parade on 18th November 2010. Full details at the Web page.

New! 27.08.10    
Birmingham’s Third Sector Research Centre is running a Below the Radar project, seeking to find ways to spot the ‘below the radar’ organisations that don’t appear in the regular/official directories and listings. There will soon be a monthly blog on different themes, such as: “Why map, where to map and what to map?”. Their web servers have currently fallen over — but if you’re interested in voluntary projects and groups that are “invisible” to the authorities, they might be worth visiting in a day or two.


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