Added to Creative Stoke, 13th September 2010

New! 13.09.10    
The Geographical Association of North Staffordshire are having an Autumn lecture-meeting that may be of interest to local place-based marketing and branding professionals. The 10th November 2010 meeting is titled “Liverpool: a case study of rebranding”, with Robert Morris of Shrewsbury school, and Dr. Janet Speake of Liverpool Hope University.

New! 13.09.10     Henson Editorial is set to run a 10-session introductory course in publishing this Autumn. The venue will be the Business Village at Staffordshire University (Stoke-on-Trent campus), and meetings will be from 7-9pm. Total cost: £125. Full details at the website.

New! 13.09.10    
Birmingham’s First Light Film Fund is inviting application from young people in the West Midlands for Pilot Grant funding. If selected, this will give you funding for one short film of up to five minutes (max. grant £5,000), but there’s a 20% ‘match funding’ requirement. Deadline: 5th October 2010.


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