Staffs University M.A. Fine Art degree show 2010 – photos

New! 15.09.10    
Creative Stoke has a set of 12 pictures from tonight’s M.A. Fine Art 2010 degree show at Staffordshire University (apologies for not telling readers about it beforehand — your editor only found out about it 30 minutes before it opened for its final night). Click on a picture to see a larger version.

Russell Willett — both “Untitled”.

Chris Parks — one of a group of bird sculptures (detail).

Barrie Felton — “Deconstruction” (detail). A reproduction of one of the steel joists above the studios.

Chris Parkes — “Meerkat Den”.

Chris Parkes — one of a group of sculptures.

Jill Impey — from “Diving for Pearls”.

Jill Impey — “Illusion 1”.

Lawri Slack — Punchpainting Performance + Punchpainting sculptures.

Chris Parkes — “Crow”.

Andrew Flint — “The Jolly Anthropomorphism”.

Michelle Parr — “Pylon” (detail of a large and impressive installation).

Andrew Flint — Entrance to “Ultima Thule”.


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