Added to Creative Stoke, 20th October 2010

New! 20.10.10    
The Burslem School of Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, has a new opportunity to display contemporary jewellery, small ceramics, textiles, glass, metalwork and other applied arts and crafts in two craft showcases that will be programmed in monthly exhibiting slots. Deadline: 31st October 2011. Contact: Ieva Alksne, via the School of Art.

New! 20.10.10    
Job: Packmoor Primary School, Packmoor, Stoke-on-Trent, is looking for a Creative Practitioner who can help develop a thirst for writing and develop the children’s imaginative thinking around a project titled “Questions, Questions, Questions”. Fee: £3,000. Application deadline: 5th November 2010. A full brief is available online at this web page.

New! 20.10.10    
Job: St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Norton Le Moors, Stoke-on-Trent, require a Creative Partner to construct a playful and investigative technology-loaded project that begins with the working title, “Augmented Reality Marks the Spot”, intended to enable a class to work with and in the local outdoor environment. Fee: up to up to £3,500. Application deadline: 12th November 2010. Full brief from the Creative Agent:

New! 20.10.10    
Job: Ifton Heath Primary School, in Shropshire, are looking for two inspiring creative practitioners to work on an Enquiry Project with Black Country Creative Partnerships. They would like to work with a 3D designer/maker to work with the two classes and staff to transform an outdoor space into a flexible ecologically-sound theatrical arena, and a second artist from a writing or performing background to explore ways to use the space creatively. A total fee of £3,000 is available to include all planning, delivery and evaluation. Application deadline: 8th November 2010. For a copy of the brief please email the Creative Agent, Kate Buttolph:

New! 20.10.10    
Job: Gladstone Primary School in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, would like to work with a Creative Practitioner with drama/writing skills and one with graphic-design/web-design skills. Application deadline, 8th November 2010. A budget of £3,000 available. For a full brief and details of how to apply please visit this web page.

New! 20.10.10    
The Public in West Bromwich is calling for touch-screen artworks (1280px x 768px resolution, 17 inch screen, Windows). Deadline for submissions is 26th November 2010. Full details at the the web page.

New! 20.10.10    
Royal Birmingham Society Of Artists (RBSA) is calling for entries from across the West Midlands to their RBSA Open All Media Christmas show. Entry forms are now available. Schedules to be returned by: Wednesday 17th November 2010 – 4.00pm. Handing in date: Sunday 21th November 2010. Exhibition open: Wednesday 24th November to Friday 24th December 2010. Private View: on Thursday 25th November – 7.00pm.

New! 20.10.10    
Know an emerging artist who lives just over the border in Derbyshire? You might like to tell them that individual new and emerging professional artists in Derbyshire can now get small Marketing Grants of £500 from Derbyshire County Council.


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