Added to Creative Stoke, 29th November 2010

New! 29.11.10   
Unemployed, over 21, and have a passion for media production? Channel 4’s 4 Talent : Kick Start programme Stoke-on-Trent section is open for applications on 1st December 2010. If successful you’ll attend an ‘Inspiration Day’ media skills workshop on 21st February 2011, at Staffordshire University (Stoke Campus).

New! 29.11.10   
Standpoint Futures is offering residencies in London, to visual artists living and working outside the capital. Application deadline: 30th November 2010. See the Web page for full details.

New! 29.11.10   
Stoke-on-Trent’s Stoke Your Fires film and animation festival has a new-look website, and an extended deadline for the 2011 festival: 24th December 2010.

New! 29.11.10   
Job:  Woden Primary School — located in Wolverhampton — requires a creative partner who can help create a community-based radio station based within the school. A project fee of £4,000 is available, plus a separate budget of £3,000 is for materials and resources. The project will be delivered January – June 2011. Full details from Lisa Handley (Schools Project Coordinator) on:  01902 556495.

New! 25.11.10   
The DCMS has announced today that the British Film Institute will be taking over from the old UK Film Council, as a conduit for the distribution of Lottery subsidies to film-makers. The Lottery subsidies (in the form of tax credits) for films are set to increase from around £27 million to around £43 million per year, by 2014. There will also be a government review of the “future priorities” for Lottery funding in film.

The existing regional screen agencies, including Screen West Midlands, will be absorbed into a new organisation called Creative England. Part of this will be Creative Central, which will cover film-making in the West and East Midlands, and will also reportedly have a far wider remit than simply film. Creative England will reportedly support production in… “film, videogames, interactive new media, design, and fashion”. Creative England is likely to emerge in early 2011.

Film London will in 2011 be given the responsibility for promoting the UK as a film-making destination, as a whole.


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