Added to Creative Stoke, 21st December 2010

New! 21.12.10   
All the links in Creative Stoke’s Directory have been fully checked by hand. The Directory is normally only link-checked by a linkbot. Dead and domain-jacked links have been deleted, and various broken links have been repaired. All links in the Directory should now be working.

Also repaired was the NME‘s gigs-listings newsfeed, which forms part of the Big Feed local listings page.

New! 21.12.10   
The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery is running a “Mountains and Landscape Photography Competition” for people aged 13 – 19 years old. The competition will support a temporary exhibition opening at the museum in February 2011, which will enable visitors to understand why mountains exist, what they are made of and how they have inspired interpretations of the landscape. There will be three prizes, with first prize being a digital camera. Enter the competition through the Mountains and Landscape Photo Competition group on Facebook.

New! 21.12.10   
Creative Stoke has learned of the new novel Ramsdell Hall (Kindle edition). This genealogical ghost story is based in and around Kidsgrove and Scholar Green. The author is an ancestor of the Lowndes, who built Ramsdell in the 1750s.

New! 21.12.10   
Richard Talbot’s monumental new book The Royal Manor of Penkhull is now available via Amazon. To purchase, click on the link to other sellers, and then select “Richard Talbot” as the seller.


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