Access The Times, Financial Times, for free…

New! 12.01.11   

Annoyed that The Times and The Sunday Times have vanished behind a paywall? Worried that The Telegraph plans to go the same way? Want to access the archives of The Financial Times back to 1996? The Economist back to 1991? You can access these newspapers for free, at home, if you join your local public library in Stoke-on-Trent.

You then simply use your library card number as a password to access the subscriber-only News UK service. This includes The Times, The Economist, and The Financial Times (the latter with what appears to be a two-day embargo).

The News UK interface is rather clunky compared to the slick websites of these newspapers, but you do get all the full-text articles — plus the ability to quickly keyword-search the archives (The Times archives from 1985-2011; The Financial Times from 1996-2011; The Economist from 1991-2011). Also available for free are a range of business and trade publications including Marketing Week.

Local businesses may also find it useful to be able to browse and search back issues of the local press, including the full archives of The Birmingham Post from 1998-2011.

Creatives may also be interested to know that their local library card number will log them into the paywalled reference encyclopaedias Grove Art Online, and Oxford Music Online. On News UK creatives can also access the full-text of magazines such as Creative Review (2003-) and Design Week (2003-) — albeit without the pretty print layout and photography.

Articles from all these publications can be easily bundled and saved for reading in comfort on your Kindle, by using the free Instapaper service.

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