Added to Creative Stoke, 12th January 2011

New! 12.01.11   
Keele University yesterday hosted the local ‘road show’ launch of the Regional Growth Fund scheme. The Regional Growth Fund is a new £1.4 billion financial support scheme open to West Midlands employers, operating for three years between 2011 and 2014. It effectively replaces Advantage West Midlands. “Private bodies” may apply, as well as Councils and regeneration schemes, but the government appears to envisage that successful applicants are likely to be… “bidding partnerships coming together that include a combination of large private sector players, SMEs and social enterprises working together with public partners”. Bids must be for over £1m, and genuine private-sector jobs growth should be the long-term aim. First-round bids must be for schemes that deliver “short-term job creation”. Full details and guidance on applying can be had at the Department for Business website page. The deadline for proposals is 21st January 2011.

New! 12.01.11   
Registrations are now open for the 48 Hour Film Challenge at the forthcoming Stoke Your Fires film festival in Stoke-on-Trent. From 10am on Saturday 19th February 2011 entrants will have just 48 hours to make a one -to- seven minute film, on a theme to be announced at the start of the competition. If you’re running a team, then you can’t have more than five people in it. The winner in each category will get a £50 voucher and a festival screening. Application forms can be had from Rebecca at:  and there is a fee payable in advance (£12 under 18s, £18 over 18s).

New! 12.01.11   
‘Growing Older in the Countryside’ is the title of a new film-script competition being run by the West Midlands-based Rural Media Company and The Nationwide Foundation. Simply write your idea (on up to two sides of A4) for a 5-10 minute film, intended to spearhead a national public campaign… “to raise awareness of the challenges facing older people in rural areas” with a special emphasis on reaching people considering a rural retirement. All styles are acceptable, and the author of the winning idea will be commissioned… “to write an original screenplay for a minimum fee of £1,000” — with the further possibility of actual film production. Application deadline: 9th February 2011. Apply to Jan Bailey at:

New! 12.01.11   
BBC Comedy Commissioning are looking for new writers. Deadline: 21st February 2011. Winners get a ticket to a Comedy Masterclass in Manchester on 5th April 2011, and there’s a chance of a performance.

The BBC World Service is also currently running a Radio Scriptwriting Competition.


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