Added to Creative Stoke, 26th February 2011

Today sees a free Social Media Cafe (10am-1pm) at Stoke-on-Trent’s City Central Library, Hanley…

“Are you interested in learning how to use the web in new ways for work and play? If so come along to the friendly Social Media Cafe. Includes tea and cake! Part of DATfest, which is going on all weekend!”

Stoke-on-Trent’s City Central Library is to hold a one-day event for creative writers, based on The Staffordshire Hoard. This free workshop will be led by author Nick Corder, on Saturday 19th March 2011 (10am-3pm, bring your own lunch). The Hoard will be used as a springboard for imaginative writing. Many Midlands writers have been deeply inspired by the Anglian period of Midlands history, and have created major works — such as Auden’s The Wanderer, Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings, and Geoffrey Hill’s Mercian Hymns. We are also lucky that a wealth of Old English storytelling and poetry has survived, from the epic Beowulf to the famous fragment of a poem about a sparrow flying through a mead-hall (Cædmon’s Hymn). At the end of the one-day workshop, it’s intended that you will have written the draft of at least one new piece of work. It doesn’t matter what it is — poem, playlet, story, monologue, song, mini-film, saga… the workshop attendees will get to hear all the pieces at the end of the day. It’s intended that Keele University will present your new work on their web site (if sent by email by 28th March 2011), and you will of course retain copyright.
Places are limited so booking is essential. To book please contact:

Carole Baker is running a painting workshop in March. The three-day workshop on ‘Vibrant Colourful Painting in Acrylics’ will run from 16th-18th March 2011, at The Edmund Gennings Room in Lichfield. Cost is £155 for three days. A further workshop is planned for April, for… “watercolourists who wish to take their work a step further”. The full programme and contact details are available at Carole’s website.

Quiet Light : Cannock Chase (2010), by Carole Baker.

Redstone Willows has announced its 2011 programme of willow-weaving workshops. The workshops are held at Alsager, and are booking now.

Willow sculpture created by Park Hall Nursery (Church Lawton) pupils and staff as part of a workshop led by Christine Redstone of Redstone Willows.

Artist Adam James will be leading a workshop at Newcastle-under-Lyme Museum & Art Gallery on Saturday 26th March 2011 (12am-4pm), on Live Posters. This is a practical free workshop in which attendees will have the opportunity to turn a famous film poster of your choice into a staged tableaux vivant. Booking is essential. Full details from:

“Using camera trickery, forced perspective, make-up, props, prosthetics and lighting we will create a staged tableaux, which you will then film or photograph to take away. This workshop will give you the chance to dress up, make up, build props, be a director and have a go with a camera.”

Stoke-on-Trent artist Kate Lynch is running a free workshop in Experimental Printmaking, on 19th March 2011 (11am–3pm) at Newcastle-under-Lyme Museum & Art Gallery. Booking is essential. Full details from:

“The workshop will outline print methods that require little specialist equipment with an emphasis on using inexpensive and readily available materials to produce effective results quickly. Explore what a print can be, using alternative printing mediums such as emulsion paint, inkjet transfers, and experiment with a range of papers, surfaces and backgrounds. You will be shown some basic techniques which can then be layered for more interesting results.”

Artist Victoria Lucas will be running a free workshop titled Mapping the City: Audiovisual Workshop at the AirSpace Gallery in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, on 5th March 2011 (11am -4pm). Booking is essential. Drinks provided, but please supply your own lunch. Full details from:

“This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn how to create a digital installation using video and sound. Through recording, editing, burning, and installing, the session will allow participants to work together to create a temporary artwork. Participants will be guided through the stages needed in order to create a work of multimedia art; from the beginning of the ideas process through to the final outcome. Victoria will present a selection of audiovisual works at the beginning of the session to inform and inspire. Each participant will then be given an activity, in which they will use digital technology in conjunction with their own ideas to create a new piece of work. The individual works will then be installed together, to make a larger artwork.”

Jobs:  Local video company ST16 are hiring.


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