Added to Creative Stoke, 26th March 2011

Congratulations to All The Young, a Stoke band who are reported to be on the verge of signing a six-album contract with Warner Brothers Records.

The Guardian newspaper has put a figure of £2.50 on the entrance-charges that the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery is considering introducing from July 2011, due to a planned £74,000 funding cut set to be made by Stoke-on-Trent City Council. The likelihood of charges was reported in the local press in November 2010.

Consall Forge Pottery will have Open Studio days on 4th-8th May 2011. The Pottery is located at Wetley Rocks, in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

The Stoke-on-Trent writers’ group City Voices has a new website. They’re also set to hold the City Voices Charity Words and Music Festival 2011 (15th May 2011, 4pm-10pm), with all proceeds going to the North Staffordshire Kidney Patients Association. Full details at the website.

With a massive baby-boom happening across the UK, it’s timely that The Exchange artists’ shop in Hanley will be holding a special “Celebrating Pregnancy” Life Drawing Class on 5th April 2011 (7pm-9pm). Posing for artists will be a female life-model in the late stages of pregnancy, showing a marvellous “baby bump”. More details at the website.

Accomplished portraitist Behjat Omer Abdulla is set to hold a free workshop at The Exchange artists’ shop in Hanley, on 9th April 2011 (1.30pm–4.30pm). Only ten places are available and booking is essential…

“This workshop provides a unique opportunity to take part in innovative and inspirational self-portrait drawing session. It is a contemporary take on traditional drawing techniques using a camera as a tool to create self-portrait with ideas and concepts inspired by your own ID card photos. Participants will have the opportunity to learn observational drawing skills and experiment with a variety of media. They will have the chance to draw their own ID-style photos that are to be taken on the day and provided at the start of the workshop. The drawing will reproduce the photo but also use imaginative ways to restructure the work. Participants will learn to work with Graphite Powder, on high quality paper, hand made brushes, props, and with a range of drawing materials/techniques to make inspired drawings and gain insight into this specific technique. All levels of ability are welcome. Materials are provided but you can bring any additional materials that you wish to use.”

Above: Behjat Omer Abdulla’s drawing, for the SHOP artists’ shop, Stoke town in Aug 2010. Spode factory site in background/reflection.

The Contemporary Art Society is to hold a “Developing the Market for Contemporary Art” day on 16th May 2011 (10am-4pm) in Birmingham city centre…

“Invited guest speakers will represent a range of key contemporary art world stake holders including: private collectors, artists and those involved in selling artworks at fairs, as well as through museum print programmes and galleries, to speak about the topic and consider how the market is developed at various levels. There will be a combination of presentations to all attendees which will be followed in the afternoon by collectors “in conversation” in addition to several workshops.”

The Stoke-on-Trent vampire series Blood and Bone China require extras for the grand finale, which is still to be filmed. “Do you want to be a vampire or a human? Must be able to supply your own Victorian costume.” More information from:

Your editor has a complete round-up of all the Budget measures relevant to the arts and creative industries, plus a similar selection of details and further announcements made in the supporting 128-page Plan for Growth document.

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