Added to Creative Stoke, 8th April 2011

The re:claim workshops are continuing in Stoke town in advance of the performance at Spode, with additional dates added through April 2011. The first one of a new cycle starts this Saturday, 9th April 2011 (2-5pm). See flyer for more information…

Click on the picture for a larger version.

An Adobe After Affects user is also reportedly required to make a promotional video about the Spode Factory and its place in the potential regeneration of Stoke town. Ideally you’ll be an After Effects user who is also a good 3D modeller and who can composite. Full details from:

Creative firms in Biddulph and Cheadle should be getting “up to 100 megabytes per second” on their BT broadband after these Staffordshire towns were today announced for BT’s phase 2 national rollout of superfast broadband. The new speeds should be enabled in those places by the end of 2011, but real-world speeds could well be lower than 100Mbps. Users may need new routers, and PCs with hardware that can handle the fast rate of data throughput.

The government has launched a Red Tape Challenge website, inviting retail firms to nominate examples of red tape and bureaucratic regulations that need to be scrapped. This follows the re-statement in the March 2011 Budget’s supporting document of the commitment that….

“all regulations identified as burdensome [on small businesses] would be removed unless good reasons are given for them to stay;”

The UK broadcaster and broadband company Sky is offering over £1.2m of new arts funding via its Sky Arts Ignition series. Sky will choose six UK arts organisations over the next three years, and fund them to create new works. Sky will provide cash of up to £200,000 for each one, as well as free air-time and marketing worth far more. Application details are here.

They also have a scheme for “emerging artists” (which here appears to mean “young”), the Sky Futures Fund, which will give five artists a bursary of £30,000 each…

“to help young talent to bridge the development gap from school or college to becoming a working artist.”


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