Added to Creative Stoke, 27th April 2011

Job:  A children’s summer holiday camp (split between nearby Shopshire and Guildford) requires a freelance practical Film Tutor for six weeks of production work. The selected person will work from 21st July – 4th September 2011. Application deadline: 17th May 2011. Full details from:

Do you make artists’ books? Over in the East Midlands, “Crop” are looking for selected works to exhibit in an exhibition, and to include in a catalogue published by the University of Northampton. Initial submission is via emailing three photographs in total, as either .tif or .jpg files at medium resolution (180dpi). Higher resolution images will be required if selected. If your work is “like a book” then submit photos of the cover, of a spread and of a close-up (cropped). If your work is “like an object/sculpture” then submit photos of front, of another view and a close-up (cropped). Original books must be under A3 in size, and under 1kg in weight (if it is selected and needs to be returned to you). There is no entry fee. Deadline: 1st June 2011. To get an idea of the type of work wanted, last year’s catalogue can be viewed online here.

Added to the directory (blogs): Stoke photography student Joshua Platt has a new weblog.

The event listings are starting to pile into the new UK National Art & Design Month website. Their postcode search facility has currently crashed, but North Staffordshire events during May 2011 include Staffordshire University crafts makers exhibiting at the threatened Victorian Steam Mill at the Etruria Industrial Museum in Stoke-on-Trent (4th May – 5th June 2011); and the Burslem Arts Festival on 2nd May 2011.

The re:claim organisers are looking for team of volunteers to help out with their major performance event at the disused Spode pottery in Stoke town. The flyer with details is available here.

The local Potteye blog has dug up an interesting table which shows how much Stoke-on-Trent Council arts funding has been withdrawn from groups, since 2008/9. The list appears to show that local groups such as: Airspace gallery; Beavers Arts Ltd (aka bArts); Burslem Arts Festival; Cultural Sisters; Frontline Dance; Planet Sound; and the Youth Arts Forum have in total been cut by around £33,445 a year since 2008/9. (The Potteye website is run by a Councillor and it appears to have had to go offline due to the Electoral Commission publicity rules in the run-up to an election, but the table can also be downloaded here).


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