Staffs University Art & Design degree shows, June 2011

Below is Creative Stoke’s taster selection of pictures of works now on show at the annual Staffordshire University Art & Design Shows, which opened tonight. The show times are…

* Sat 11th June, Sun 12, and Saturday 18 June — 11am – 4pm
* Mon 13 and Wed 15 June — 10am – 8pm
* Tues 14, Thurs 16 and Fri 17 June — 10am – 6pm

Click the pictures for larger versions:

In Photography Chris Davis presents a series of wonderfully costumed triptych self-portraits with a definite Stoke flavour, which your editor thought were the most fascinating and fully-realised visual art works in the shows. The snapshot below really doesn’t do the illustration-like quality of these works justice. Chris also has a book available for online purchase, Welcome to Chrisville. Prints are also available from Chris…

In Graphic Design there’s this charming faux-vintage neo-Victorian poster by John Ellis

In Crafts, Darren Kelly (no website) has this delightfully cheerful stool. He makes and fits all the materials himself, and intends to remain in Stoke after graduation…

Jonathan Colenso‘s characterful stop-motion animation ‘king’ model is just one of a very lively animation, stop-motion puppetry and 3D rendering room. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be a YouTube channel or similar where all the year’s final works in these degrees are collected together, but there’s a big screening room plus PCs at the show.

In Fine Art, Laila Flood has some eerie Francesca Woodman -inspired prints…

Also in Fine Art, Tracey Barlow’s magnificent walking-inspired painting — shown in the catalogue and website — has sadly been sold and hasn’t been loaned back to Tracey for the show. But it can still be seen online.

There’s a new Cartoon and Comic Arts degree at Staffordshire University, which your editor is told starts with its first cohort of students in September 2011. One of the tutors has a blog and a Tumblr page for the course.


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